Complaints Policy

Remarkable Limited’s ‘Complaints Policy is based on the firm belief that those who use Remarkable services, parents and any other person who has sufficient interest in the school, should be able to complain if any aspect of our services or activities does not meet the high standards that they have a right to expect.


The ‘Complaints’ Policy is one of a range of policies and procedures that aim to give stakeholders a voice and to encourage the full participation and involvement of service users.

Remarkable Limited aims to achieve the highest standards in all our activities, but there will be occasions when complaints arise. We take all complaints very seriously and are committed to ensuring that they contribute to the continuous improvement and development of our services.

A written document cannot cover every eventuality or circumstance that might arise. If you have any queries, you can seek advice from a Senior Manager whose role is to provide guidance on any aspect of complaints and to spread good practice in handling them.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we have built in a review mechanism for the procedure and the way in which it operates. If you have any comments about the ‘Complaints’ Policy, please address them to the Chief Executive Officer at Remarkable Limited’s registered office.