We are a charity on a remarkable mission.

 To help create a world where autistic individuals are empowered to live happy and fulfilled lives.

We do this through a growing range of initiatives, all of which operate as part of the Remarkable mission.

Wargrave House

An autism and co-existing diagnosis
learning environment
for ages 5-16

Ascent Autism College


An autism specific centre
for educational needs
and training.


Integrated therapies for children
& young people with autism
spectrum conditions.

In all the things we do we are united by our values.

We push the boundaries for autistic individuals,
break down barriers and raise aspirations; always determined to make an impact, and act as ambassadors for remarkable people. 

We work with energy, understanding, care and compassion, with one ultimate aim: to leave a lasting legacy of happiness.

Because when you see what’s possible, it’s truly remarkable.

This is how we do things:

We are Creative

We redefine what’s possible every day, pushing boundaries and always striving to do things differently and better.

We are Aspirational

We respond with compassion, energy and adaptability, always learning and always focused on creating a legacy of lasting happiness.

We are Resilient

We keep our promises and aren’t afraid to stand up and be counted honestly, openly, and always with pride.

We are Respectful

We know how important it is to get things right and recognise the views of others. Consistency, kindness and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.

Would you like to learn more about our services, or are you interested in working with us?

Get in touch with our team.

Latest News

We publish updates from across all our services for you to access below. Follow the links to see what activities, events, general news and job vacancies at all of our remarkable services.

Remarkable Autism honours late employee in a very special way 

In 2023, Remarkable Autism Charity employee Alison Robinson, sadly passed away due to illness. 

Alison, who was loved by staff and students alike had been with the organisation for 25 years, constantly went above and beyond to support learners. She was passionate and dedicated to her role as cleaner and caretaker.

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